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Are you having DPF problems ?

Are you experiencing poor MPG ?

Are you down on power ?

Are you concerned about the repair or replacement cost of your DPF ?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions South Wales Auto Services vehicle re-mapping can help. By having your Diesel Particular Filter removed from your exhaust system you can avoid costly repair bills and release extra performance and economy of your diesel powered vehicle.

Your DPF filters job is to remove soot from your vehicles exhaust gas, there for making your cars emissions cleaner, however the DPF filter can and does become blocked and a light may appear on your dashboard leading to a costly repair bill.

If you remove the DPF from your exhaust system your vehicle will not run correctly and will display a fault on your dashboard.

South Wales Auto Solutions are able to offer custom software to accompany physical DPF removal on your vehicle to clear these faults so you can have trouble free motoring.